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Projects and NOEs

NAPA-WINE (Network-Aware P2P-TV Application over Wise Networks) project, funded by the European Commission within the seventh framework programme, aims at: providing a careful analysis of the impact that a large deployment of both general P2P-TV and P2P-HQTV services may have on the Internet; providing guidelines for P2P-TV developers for both design and optimization of the communication systems; providing a road map for Internet Service Providers to better exploit the network bandwidth by showing simple and minimum cost actions that can be taken in presence of P2P-TV traffic.

RECIPE (Robust and Efficient traffic Classification in IP nEtworks) is an Italian research project, funded by MiUR (Ministero dell'Universita' e della Ricerca). The main goal of this project is to design and develop robust and efficient traffic classification tools for IP networks useful for anomaly detection, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, enforcement of network security policies by traffic filtering, QoS management & traffic engineering, network provisioning.

The TMA (Traffic Monitoring and Analysis) is an european Cost Action. It coordinates both Research Groups and Network Operators active in the field of TMA, promoting the development of novel techniques and focusing the research efforts towards commonly recognized problems, thus driving the research towards real-world applications. It will foster the adoption of common monitoring tools and analysis platforms, so as to catalyze the emergence of a European de-facto standard for traffic monitoring, ultimately increasing the impact of European research in the field.

EuroNGI is a Network of Excellence aimed the creation and maintainance of the most prominent European centre of excellence in Next Generation Internet design and engineering, leading towards a leadership in this domain.

MOME is a coordination action in the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme of the European Union; the aim of MOME is to provide information on tested interoperability of monitoring and measurement tools of different projects, building moreover a database of tools, informations and measurement data in a common format.

CAIDA, the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis, provides tools and analyses promoting the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure.

Software and Hardware

Tcptrace is a tool written by Shawn Ostermann at Ohio University, for analysis of TCP dump files. It can take as input the files produced by several popular packet-capture programs, including tcpdump, snoop, etherpeek, HP Net Metrix, and WinDump. tcptrace can produce several different types of output containing information on each connection seen, such as elapsed time, bytes and segments sent and received, retransmissions, round trip times, window advertisements, throughput, and more. It can also produce a number of graphs for further analysis.

tcpdump is the most commonly used command line program for traffic measurement. Using the packet capture library libpcap, it measures and filters packet-level traffic at local interfaces, dumping packet-level traces.

The Endace DAG Card provides the means to transfer data at the full speed of the network into the memory of the host PC, with zero packet loss guaranteed in even worst-case conditions.

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